Grady Family Vineyards


Grady’s Pinot Noir starts with a light floral note on the nose with hints of fresh strawberries. This well structured wine has flavors of ripe strawberries and red raspberries blended with light vanilla.


This full bodied wine presents flavors of dark plum, black cherry and blackberry with hints of vanilla on the finish.  Meats, stews, braised and grilled meats are excellent food and wine matches.


The Grady Zinfandel vineyard is now over 35 years old and produces a much lighter crop. This allows the vines to intensify the flavors in the fruit.


While the Grady’s son Jim does an outstanding job overseeing all of their grapes in the vineyard, they also have 3 daughters. Hence the label name. This is a blend of Zinfandel for its rich body, Petite Sirah for structure and Cabernet



Our Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon is simply the “best of the best”. French clone 337 Cabernet grapes have been chosen to produce a rich, full bodied wine aged 16 months in French oak barrels.



Don’t let the name fool you! It doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s day to enjoy this rich and delicious Cabernet from Lodi California. Fine Irish Cab has rich layers of plum, dark cherry and black currant fruit flavors up front lead to soft tannins.



Some say the Celtic knot may represent the intricate interconnections of our lives with its artfully interwoven strands. So too, the Lodi appellation has long warm summer days intertwined with cooling delta breezes at night to allow our fruit to ripen to perfection. Crisp, fresh and fruit forward with layers of green apple and pear and a hint of oak on the finish.